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An Example of a Family Member’s Compassion During a Painful Time

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Just saying … My son has been in the system for many years and had a habit of disappearing for several days at a time.  Even though I was worried, he would always call within a day or two and let me know he was ok. This one incident – he had been gone three days –  he called from the Greyhound Bus Depot in Los Angeles and said he was tired, hungry and wanted to come home. I went to the bus station locally and purchased a bus ticket to our residence and extra money for food. About two hours later, I received a call from my son saying he had lost the ticket. I told him to go back to the bus station and I would send another ticket. He said the employees at the bus station had told everyone to leave if they did not have a ticket, and he could not re-enter. 

I thought and thought about what to do, and remembered the name of a NAMI member in Los Angeles – I had never met this person, only knew he was a family member. I called him, gave him a description and the address of the telephone booth where my son had called from. He called me back about three hours later – he had found my son, bought him dinner, purchased a one-way non-stop ticket to Delano. He said the only problem was my son had no shoes – so he took his shoes off and gave them to my son. I thanked him profusely and assured him I would repay the funds expended and would return his shoes. He watched my son get onto the bus and told him to call me from the bus station and I would pick him up.  

I waited and waited and about 1:30 a.m. I heard a car door slam outside our apartment – I heard footsteps coming up the stairway and the front door opened. There was my son – and when I asked him how in the world he had gotten to the apartment from the bus station– he explained that he took a cab – and when I questioned him as to how he had paid the cab driver – he calmly said: “I gave him my shoes”.

A great story of a family member’s love, compassion, caring, and perseverance, and most of all …, it’s all about that hope!


Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your heartwarming story. You reached out and someone was there to ensure that your son was able to arrive home safely.

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