2018 CalQIC Conference: MEGA-RULE-A-RAMA
Handouts and Presenter's Bios


  • ODS Waiver Updates
  • Performance Outcome Measures – Pediatric System Checklist, CANS/ANSA
  • DHCS Annual Protocol/Enhanced Monitoring Tool and Approach
  • EQRO – PIP and ODS Process updates
  • Mega Reg Elements/County and State Perspectives
  • Children’s Services: AB 1299 Emphasis

Groovy Note: CalQIC and CIBHS collaborated for the CalQIC conference. CIBHS’ involvement was interweaved throughout the conference from planning, registration to on-site attendance.

A Special Thank you to our Conference Sponsor San Bernardino County.



Agenda, PowerPoints, and Handouts

CalQIC Final Agenda

Wed_915_DHCS State of the State_Boylan A_Cristo E_

Wed_1030_ Medicaid Managed Care Final Rule_Boylan A_ Horner D

Wed_130_Whole Person Care_CalQIC 2018

Wed_315_CaLEQRO Highlights Updates and Opportunities_McCurry A

Wed_315_CaLEQRO Highlights Updates and Opportunities_Berkowitz_G

Wed_315_CaLEQRO Highlights Updates and Opportunities_Rama K_ V3.3

Wed_Handout_ CalEQRO DMC-ODS Toolkit For Counties V1

Thurs_800_Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery_ Walker T_Hudgins C_Final_v2

Thurs_930_County ODS Waiver PPT CalQIC_Miller Zura Ebrahimi Nelson) 3 8 18

Thurs_1100_Children's System of Care _Abrahamson T_Schertell M_ 3-7-18 Final

Thurs_130_Outcome Measures_Maxwell D

Fri_815_CBHDA Legislative & Policy Priorities_Koopmans L_Wilhelm P_FINAL...

Fri_930_Legal Updates_Garrett_FINAL_2018


Presenter’s Bios

Abrahamson, Twylla

Barrett, Katherine

Berkowitz, Gale

Bezaire, Nui

Boylan, Autumn

Chung, Emily

Cowan, Emery

Cristo, Erika

DeBaenne, Kelly

Ebrahimi-Nuyken, Nicole

Garrett, Linda

Gonsalves, Clara

Hudgins, Cynthia

Innes-Gomberg, Debbie

Khalsa, Rama

Koopmans, Linnea

Maxwell, Dionne

McDermott, Shannon

Miller, Rhyan

Nelson, Tianna

Schertell, Michael

Schwartz, Amy McCurry

Trabin, Tom

Wilhelm, Paula

Zura, Shaina