2018 Cultural Competence Summit
"Honoring California's Diversity: A Call To Action"

 Please be advised that photographs/audio will be taken at the event for use on the CIBHS/CBHDA websites and in the press, social media, marketing materials, and other publications. By registering/entering this event, you consent to CIBHS/CBHDA photographing / Audio and using your image and likeness.

“It is a representation of stormy emotions in the environment. The tree is where I find stillness, peace, and happiness.”

Watercolor Art by Selvino Moscare

The Cultural Competence Summit, “Honoring California’s Diversity: A Call to Action” will focus on highlighting innovative programs to reduce stigma and increase behavioral health services and substance use treatment to underserved communities.

The conference objectives are to:

  • Educate and inform attendees about effective cultural strategies for reaching diverse populations.
  • Inspire attendees to try new strategies to reach diverse populations.
  • Highlight successful programs that currently exist throughout the State that reach diverse populations.
  • Develop a framework for action.

California counties are at the forefront of providing behavioral health services to California’s diverse population. The 2018 Cultural Competence Summit will offer a range of cultural specific workshops and presentations to promote learning and advance the cultural competence needs of individuals, families, and communities.

This Statewide conference is a unique opportunity to strengthen connections and enrich networks among stakeholders, behavioral health, and substance use directors, ethnic service managers, workforce training managers, Prevention and Early Intervention coordinators, and other behavioral health professionals.


Please contact the CIBHS Conference Dept. at or (916) 379-5317.