The 8th Annual Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) Symposium
Building Lives Beyond Trauma

The 8th Annual EBP Symposium Program includes thoughtful keynotes and presentations which inspire hope, despite significant and complex traumas, and shows it is possible for behavioral health clients and family members to live happy and healthy, meaningful lives.

The Symposium will consist of high-quality presentations relating to strategies that are culturally relevant, focused on the unique needs of the substance use disorder population, and focused on strategies and tools for successful implementation.

The Symposium is intended to provide a range of trauma-related practices grounded in data-informed research across a continuum of evidence. This will include Effective, Efficacious, Promising and Emerging Practices such as Culturally Defined Practices.

The Symposium is designed for behavioral health, child welfare, probation, education, healthcare, and private insurance providers who are implementing or would like to implement Evidence-Based Practices.

Workshops will feature the continuum of Evidence-Based Practices for young children, youth, transitional age youth, adults and older adults.


For questions regarding payment or registration, please contact or call 916-379-5317.

Onsite Program, PowerPoints, and Handouts