9th Annual Evidence-Based Practices Symposium
Bold Ideas for a Shared Vision Between Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice Systems: A Continuum of Evidence-Based Practices Offering Pathways of Hope

Monday, April 15 and Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport
2500 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505

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The relationship between behavioral health conditions and criminal justice involvement has been well documented in the literature. Two-thirds of our nation’s youth who are incarcerated have been diagnosed with at least one behavioral health condition (Moore, 2009). Adults with a mental illness are overrepresented in the correctional system at a rate of two to four times the general population (Al-Rousan et al. 2017). There are more than ten times as many adults with serious mental illnesses in jails and prisons than in hospitals (Torrey et al., 2010).

The 2019 Ninth Annual CIBHS Evidence-Based Practices Symposium
will focus on practices that support effective and innovative cross-system collaboration to improve responses and outcomes for children, youth, and adults with significant substance use and mental health conditions who encounter or those who are at risk of encountering the justice system.

Despite significant and complex behavioral health conditions, living a happy, healthy, meaningful life is possible. This year’s Evidence-Based Practices Symposium focuses on the dissemination and implementation of effective practices designed to prevent incarceration and to support the journey beyond incarceration. The symposium will present key learning from implementation of these practices to help individuals live full lives surpassing the stigmatizing labels of mental illness, substance use, and past justice system involvement.

The symposium will include high-quality presentations relating to culturally responsive strategies that focus on the unique prevention needs of young children, adolescents, and transitional aged youth, as well as, justice-related diversion and reentry issues for adults. Presentations will focus on strategies and tools for the successful implementation of effective practices.

The goal is to provide a range of research that will address the continuum of evidence-based practices: This includes, effective, efficacious, promising, emerging, and community-defined practices.

This year the Symposium is designed for providers and leaders of behavioral health, child welfare, probation, education, health care, clinicians in private practice, and insurance providers who are implementing, or other practitioners who would like to implement
evidence-based practices.


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