County Behavioral Health MHSA Boot Camp
Handouts and Presenter's Bios

Agenda Highlights:

  • Orientation, History, and Evolution of the MHSA
  • CSS-What You Need to Know From Beginning to End
  • Mental Health Services Act Fiscal Overview
  • Role of Key Agencies
  • County To County Sharing: Getting Audit Ready
  • PEI-The 411 on PEI: The Nuts and Bolts of the Regulations
  • Innovation-What You Need to Know From Beginning to End
  • Stakeholder Involvement & The Role of Planning Council
  • Role of MHSA Committee & Coordinator, Mentor-Mentee Relationships, Regional MHSA Meetings
  • MHSA Stakeholder Involvement: Why Does This Matter to You?


State DMH Info Notices.

Onsite Agenda, Powerpoints and Handouts

Onsite Agenda

Mon_915_Innes Gomberg_history evolution of MHSA

Mon_1045_Innes Gomberg_CSS Components

Mon_1245-Yeroshek _Landry_The 411_CIBHS PPT v8_fy

Mon _200_Rightmier_MHSA Boot Camp - Innovation

Mon_200_Zakhary_Innovative Projects - Sacramento County

Mon_200_Shah_Reedy_Innovation Submission Process

Mon_200__Shah_Reedy_Innovation Abstract_MHSOAC_3.7.2018

Mon_200__Shah_Reedy_1_Innovation Tool Kit Cover_Final

Mon_200__Shah_Reedy_2_INN Framework Decision Tree_Final

Mon_200__Shah_Reedy_3_MHSOAC Innovation Review Process _Final

Mon_200__Shah_Reedy_4_INN Recomended Project Plan Template

Mon_200__Shah_Reedy_5_Presentation Guidelines_Final

Mon_300_Adcock_MHSA Bootcamp- SH Involvement.CBHPC Overview

Tues_915_Geiss_MHSA Fiscal Overview

Tues_1245_Zakhary_MHSA Audit Readiness - Sacramento County

Tues_1245_Gomberg_MHSA AUDITS and You MHSA Boot Camp (1)

Tues_200_Pena_MHSA Stackeholder Involvement

Presenter’s Bios

Adcock, Jane

Barlow, Kirsten

Clark, Wayne

Drobny, Holli

Dusick, Michelle

Ewing, Toby

Geiss, Mike

Hazelton, Tracy

Howard, Percy

Innes-Gomberg, Debbie

Ishikawa, Sharon

Landry, Kayla

Peña, Nancy

Reedy, Grace

Rightmier, Camy

Sahota, Kiran

Shah, Dr. Sharmil

Yancey, Adrienne

Yeroshek, Filomena

Zakhary, Jane