Lived Experience 2.0: Peer and Family Action Summit

Consumer and family member leaders, peers working in the system, and allied behavioral health services providers came together to help define the role that consumer and family members play in the county’s design and delivery of services, as well as in defining its vision of recovery and wellness. This event was hosted by the Peer Recovery Collaborative in conjunction with the Office of Diversity and Equity and the Office of Consumer & Family Affairs of San Mateo County.

Summit Goals: To chart the path toward improving the role of peers, consumers and family members in the delivery of mental health and substance abuse services over the next 5 years. The summit provided valuable information to create a plan with goals, objectives and concrete steps.

The Summit Tracks were:
1. Advocacy ‐ How can consumers and family members inform and help guide the work of BHRS?

2. Creating Common Ground – What are the differences and the similarities between the roles of peers and providers? How can BHRS support peer/provider successful alliances and role transitions?

3. Workforce Development – How could BHRS take better advantage of the values, knowledge, and skills that peers can bring to the workforce?

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