Values-Driven Evidence-Based Practice

The California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions (CIBHS) work in the area of “evidence-based practices” began in 2001 with the CIBHS Center for Child and Family Services report and training Evidence-based Practices in Mental Health Services for Foster Youth. This has evolved to become an agency–wide effort designated the Values-Driven Evidence-Based Practices Initiative. The CIBHS Values-Driven Evidence-Based Practices Initiative is designed to bring together principles associated with Recovery and Wellness, Cultural Competence, and Consumer and Family Driven care with the best scientific research information on effectiveness to continuously improve the mental health system and services in California. 

This initiative is guided by the following principles:

  • Consumers, family members, service providers, managers, administrators and other interested members of our communities should have information regarding the effectiveness – as assessed through research – of particular mental health practices to assure fully informed decision making. 
  • The selection and adoption of new practices need to prioritize consumer and family choice, cultural competency, and proven effectiveness along with other priorities unique to each service system and community.
  • Comprehensive implementation processes, which adequately support practitioners, managers, and administrators, are critical to improving the quality and effectiveness of mental health services.

The CIBHS Values-Driven Evidence-Based Practices Initiative is constantly evolving in response to new research findings, the experiences of agencies, providers, consumers and families, and input from key stakeholders.