Promotores in Mental Health

Promotores de salud (health promoters) play a key role in advancing the wellbeing of the communities they serve. Promotores are individuals who provide health education and support to community members, provide their services in the community, and are generally from the community they serve. They can help address multiple barriers to accessing services, such as those related to transportation, availability, culture, language, stigma, and mistrust. Although more widely engaged in the field of physical health, promotores increasingly address mental health concerns as well.

The Center for Multicultural Development at the California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions is excited to share with you the recently released policy paper on partnering with  promotores in mental health under the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA). This policy paper addresses the role of promotores in advancing the mental health of Latino communities in California and the opportunities for partnering with promotores in prevention and early intervention to address the wellness needs of all communities.

The recommendations set forth in this policy paper are derived from the collective experience of promotores, agencies that incorporate promotores in their work, and county and state mental health staff familiar with the public mental health system. Our hope is that these recommendations will help guide the successful and sustained implementation and expansion of promotores programs helping to prevent mental illness and promote wellness for underserved and unserved ethnic and cultural communities in California.

We are actively supporting quality implementation of promotores programs in mental health. If you would like additional information or technical assistance for partnering with promotores in mental health for any racial, ethnic, linguistic or cultural community in California, please feel free to email: wrhettmariscal@cimh.org.