Integrating SUD Treatment Skills into the Behavioral Health Curriculum
Substance Use Disorder Curriculum Modules

Integrating SUD Treatment Skills into the Behavioral Health Curriculum

The SUD Curriculum Modules are intended to be used in non-substance use disorder courses, so the SUD treatment components can be more broadly distributed throughout the training curriculum. Each topic area includes student learning objectives, questions for a pre- and post-test, lecture, discussion and/or teaching exercises ranging from one-hour to three-hours in duration. The goal is to provide behavioral health faculty in California with SUD training material that can be used flexibly within the classroom or training setting. 

Development of these SUD Curriculum Modules was made possible by funding from the Zellerbach Family Foundation in collaboration with the Greater Bay Area Mental Health and Education Workforce Collaborative.

These modules were compiled by Kristin Dempsey, LMFT, LPCC, Senior Associate, CIBS and Robert William, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Counseling in the College of Health and Social Sciences, San Francisco State University.

Download an online copy of the modules here: CIBHS SUD Modules

For more information on using the SUD modules, please contact Kristin Dempsey at kdempsey@cibhs.org.