2019 Spring Behavioral Health Fiscal Leadership Institute

The purpose of the County Behavioral health Fiscal Leadership Institute was to provide county behavioral health finance managers and staff with in-depth practical information to that would support them in effectively and efficiently utilizing the limited behavioral health resources available in California to finance high quality county behavioral health service delivery systems This institute focused on the specialized fiscal needs of counties and also incorporated current and emerging federal and state fiscal policy topics that impact behavioral health financing. The FLI was offered in a conference-style format that included presentations by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), interactive dialogue and opportunities for peer learning.

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Onsite Program

Graphics by Beth Conley

June 4

100p Jun 4 Cost Reporting 1_Anders-Ndungu

230p Jun 4 Cost Reporting 2_Anders-Ndungu

400p Jun 4 ARER_Anders-Ures-Sala2


June 5

1015a Day 2_MH Financing Issues_Geiss-Ernst, Wilhelm

1015a Day 2_SUD Financing_Geiss-Ernst_Wilhelm

1145a Day 2_Hot Info Notices_Wilhelm

130p Day 2_Housing the Homeless_Rinde