2021 California Health Equity Summit

Healing Communities Beyond 2020
Our Health, Our Culture, Our Climate. #ElevatingVoices

June 10-11, 2021  |  Virtual, Oakland, CA


Submission Deadline: February 15, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. (PST)

Alameda County Behavioral Health (ACBH) cordially invites you to submit a proposal to present at the 2021 California Health Equity Summit: Healing Communities Beyond 2020: Our Health, Our Culture, Our Climate. #ElevatingVoices, scheduled for June 10-11, 2021. This cultural event is sponsored by Alameda County Behavioral Health (ACBH) and will be the Summit’s first virtual event.

Twenty Twenty (2020) was the start of a new decade and we decided to retire the title Cultural Competence Summit and introduce a more inclusive summit title to now be called—California Health Equity Summit. While the new title is looking through the lens of Health Equity, the focus is still on behavioral health. The 2021 California Health Equity Summit is accepting submissions for presentations and/or workshops that highlight projects, programs, methods, activities, and/or interventions that use various healing, wellness and recovery practices, and with a continued focus on behavioral health. There is an emphasis on cultural healing practices as well as traditional medicine that are intended to reach California’s diverse populations. The 2021 Summit will offer an opportunity to engage and deliver a range of cultural healing practices through innovative workshops and presentations to promote learning and to advance cultural humility, social justice, and equity throughout organizations and systems to effectively meet the diverse needs of consumers, individuals, families, and communities.

At the start of the first two quarters of 2020, our lives were turned upside down due to a series of events like the coronavirus, widespread racial injustices and wildfires. As a result, we are making the necessary adjustments to this year’s Summit by expanding the scope to include a space to respond to those horrendous events. Not only will we move to a virtual platform, but we are asking presenters to explore the behavioral health implications of those additional events and introduce indigenous/traditional healing practices to aid in the response and that allows for healing.

Workshops and presentations are expected to focus on proven cultural practices (evidence-based or community-defined) that deliver a message of inclusivity and healing across all diverse and cultural communities by responding to the power dynamics, oppression and privilege that have impacted the delivery of equitable services within the behavioral health setting. The summit will also highlight innovative ways to honor and recognize the changing cultural and linguistic demographics of California. We can stand to learn a great deal about diverse communities, traditions and healing practices and apply them to our behavioral health service delivery programs and services.

More specifically, this year’s summit will focus on cultural healing practices that stem from Traditional Medicines that complement conventional Western treatments. We are looking for cultural healing practices that have been integrated into systems of care that parallel with Western practices and help to improve behavioral health outcomes for adults, children, and family members.

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