County Behavioral Health Fiscal Leadership Institute

CIBHS invited county behavioral health fiscal staff and managers to attend the next Fiscal Leadership Institute, scheduled for June 4-5, 2018 in Sacramento. As always, this event covered current and emerging State and Federal policies and the fiscal implications of those policies in a conference-style format that included presentations by subject matter experts, interactive dialogue, and opportunities for peer learning and county-to-county networking. This event was the only statewide training available specifically for behavioral health fiscal leaders.

This two-day, biannual institute provided county behavioral health fiscal leaders with critical information and tools to stay up-to-date on today’s rapid changes in healthcare. Participants heard from experts on behavioral health care finance and policy.

This event was only open to county behavioral health staff.

Contact Information:

For questions about the program, please contact Shoshana Zatz,

For help with registration, please contact Gerilyn Walcott,

Download Onsite Program, PowerPoints, and Handouts

Onsite Program

Infographics from FLI

Jun 4_1100_Salon 123_Geiss_Health Financing1

Jun 4_1145_Salon 123_Conley_Networking

Jun 4_310_Salon 123_Kogler-Renfree-Wilhelm_SUD-DMC Fiscal

Jun 4_345_Salon 123_Ader-Renfree_CA Legislative Years

Jun 5_910_Salon 123_Martin-Thompson_BH Funding History

Jun 5_940_Salon 123_Geiss_MHSA Overview

Jun 5_100_Salon 123_Mendonca_Medium County Fiscal

Jun 5_100_Salon 4_ONeill_Sml Cnty Fiscal Issues

Jun 5_100_Salon 4_ONeill_Handout

Jun 5_225_Salon 4_Clark-Taiwo_SUD

Jun 5_225_Salon 123_Castaneda-Zhang_Audits MH