County Behavioral Health Fiscal Leadership Institute

CIBHS invites county behavioral health fiscal staff and managers to attend the next Fiscal Leadership Institute, scheduled for June 4-5, 2018 in Sacramento. As always, this event will cover current and emerging State and Federal policies and the fiscal implications of those policies in a conference-style format that includes presentations by subject matter experts, interactive dialogue, and opportunities for peer learning and county-to-county networking. This event is the only statewide training available specifically for behavioral health fiscal leaders.

This two-day, biannual institute will provide county behavioral health fiscal leaders with critical information and tools to stay up-to-date on today’s rapid changes in healthcare. Participants will hear from experts on behavioral health care finance and policy.

This event is only open to county behavioral health staff.

Contact Information:

For questions about the program, please contact Shoshana Zatz,

For help with registration, please contact Gerilyn Walcott,

Download Onsite Program, PowerPoints, and Handouts

Onsite Program

Infographics from FLI

Jun 4_1100_Salon 123_Geiss_Health Financing1

Jun 4_1145_Salon 123_Conley_Networking

Jun 4_310_Salon 123_Kogler-Renfree-Wilhelm_SUD-DMC Fiscal

Jun 4_345_Salon 123_Ader-Renfree_CA Legislative Years

Jun 5_910_Salon 123_Martin-Thompson_BH Funding History

Jun 5_940_Salon 123_Geiss_MHSA Overview

Jun 5_100_Salon 123_Mendonca_Medium County Fiscal

Jun 5_100_Salon 4_ONeill_Sml Cnty Fiscal Issues

Jun 5_100_Salon 4_ONeill_Handout

Jun 5_225_Salon 4_Clark-Taiwo_SUD

Jun 5_225_Salon 123_Castaneda-Zhang_Audits MH