County Behavioral Health Fiscal Leadership Institute
Fall 2018

Acronym Soupt


The purpose of the Fiscal Leadership Institute (FLI) was to provide in-depth practical training for county behavioral health finance managers and staff statewide that provided current and future leaders with the tools to effectively and efficiently utilize the limited resources available in California to finance high-quality county mental health service delivery systems. This institute focused on the specialized fiscal needs of counties and also incorporated current and emerging federal and state fiscal policy topics related to MHSA.

Topic included:

  • Information on how to complete and file the Annual Mental Health Cost Report and Annual Revenue and Expenditure Report effectively and on time.
  • The financial aspects of current and emerging federal and state fiscal policy topics.
  • Descriptions of the various funding streams and how they can work together to reduce disparities in access to community mental health and integrated care services.
  • The impact of the many funding streams on the delivery of mental health and dual diagnosis services in small counties.

Who Participated

This two-day, biannual institute provided county behavioral health fiscal leaders with critical information and tools to stay up-to-date on today’s rapid changes in healthcare. Participants heard from experts on behavioral healthcare finance and policy.

This event was only open to county behavioral health staff. We encouraged each county to identify the appropriate fiscal staff and to attend as a team. Space was limited, so we encouraged counties to register early.


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Download Onsite Program, Power Points, and Handouts

Onsite Program

Day 1

Nov 28_1115a_Geiss_MH Financing

Nov 28_1115a_Wilhelm-Kogler_SUD Financing

Nov 28_130p_Davis_SUD Cost Reports

Nov 28_130p_Moses_MH Cost Report

Nov 28_300p_Ubozoh_Story of Recovery

Nov 28_345p_Rhine-Wilhelm_Housing

Handouts Day 1




MH Cost Reporting - Answered Questions

SUD breakout handouts_DHCS SABG_112818

MH Financing_Geiss

Day 2

Nov 29_915_Renfree-Rinde_2018 CA Leg Yr

Nov 29_1030a_Dill-Khan_MH Audits

Nov 29_200p_Ures

Handouts Day 2

FAB DMC Block Grant Presentation Handout 11-26-2018

MH Audits Q&A

2018 CBHDA Leg Score Card

Mentoring Session


D.M.H. Glossary

Excel Templates

Contract Provider YTD Exp UOS Adj Sum

Cost Report Summary Medi-Cal

Expense Reconciliation Year End Summary

Labor Distribution

Revenue Distribution

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