LMHB/C Regional Trainings 2015
How to be a Great Board
Community Outreach and Advocacy

WHEN: June 6, 2015

Conducted by Susan Morris Wilson, California Mental Health Planning Council Member, this two-part training covered strategies to develop a successful board as well as outreach and advocacy.

  • HOW TO BE A GREAT BOARD includes recruitment, strategic planning, and tools to run effective meetings.

  • COMMUNITY OUTREACH AND ADVOCACY provides information on developing partnerships, gaining stakeholder involvement, creating presentations, working with the press, and creating a voice within the community.

Learning Objectives included:

  • Increase awareness of the legal requirements for a LMHB/C
  • Understand the expectations of being a LMHB/C member
  • Develop strategies to build a strong, effective and responsive LMHB/C
  • Develop a draft plan for the LMHB/C
  • How to improve stakeholder participation
  • How to increase provider input and participation
  • How to advocate for mental health/substance use disorder issues in the community
  • Develop a draft plan for the LMHB/C

Please review the recordings and materials from the LMHB/C webinars. (Note: There is a beginning pause in the recordings before the webinars start.)

How to be a Great Board – Part 1


LMHB/C Regional Trainings 2015

Download Power Point - Part 1


Effective Advocating – Part 2


LMHB/C Regional Trainings 2015

Download Power Point - Part 2



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