Local Behavioral Health Boards and Commissions
Bay Area Region Training and Meetings

Training Description

Members of County Local Behavioral Health Boards and Commissions in the Bay Area Region were invited to attend this training, sponsored by CIBHS, on Saturday, April 21, 2018, in Redwood City. The overall objective of these events was to enhance the capacity of LBHBC members to perform their primary functions of reviewing and evaluating their county’s behavioral health programs and services, make recommendations on improvements needed, and increase statewide and regional access to education and training.

Behavioral Health Boards and Commissions 101” was offered on Saturday, morning, 9:30 am-noon. This training provides 2 hours of discussion about the roles and responsibilities of mental/behavioral health board members. Board members learned about the requirements for Ethics Training and about how to participate in a meeting that conforms to the requirements of the Brown Act. A training on “Advocacy for Issues” was presented in the afternoon, from 1:00-3:00 pm. Board members learned how to encourage consumer participation and how to focus on a particular issue of interest in the public arena. Board members came prepared with their questions about board membership and be ready for a great discussion.

Board/Commission members were also invited to attend the CA Behavioral Health Planning Council (CBHPC) General Session on Friday, April 20, 2018, in the morning and/or the California Association of Local Behavioral Health Boards/Commissions (CALBHB/C) meeting on Friday afternoon.  For questions regarding CALBHB/C Meetings, contact CALBHB/C Secretary/Treasurer Mae Sherman, or 530-257-6904, or visit For questions regarding the CBHPC, contact Dorinda Wiseman at or 916-650-6870.

Who Should Participate

All members of each County’s Local Behavioral Health Boards/Commissions were invited to attend. However, only one person per county received travel reimbursement. Carpooling was encouraged. To qualify for travel reimbursement, each Board or Commission designated their representative who was reimbursed for travel. Priority was given to Bay Area regional members, but members from the other regions may have been able to attend if space was available.


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