Local Mental/Behavioral Health Boards and Commissions Statewide Training

“Behavioral Health Boards and Commissions 101″ offered on Saturday, morning, 9:30 am-noon. This training provided 2 hours of discussion about the roles and responsibilities of mental/behavioral health board members. Board members learned about the requirements for Ethics Training and about how to participate in a meeting that conforms to the requirements of the Brown Act. The afternoon session, from 1:00-3:00 pm, focused on Evaluation of Boards and Services. First, we discussed the evaluation of your board: the way meetings are conducted, the way your board works and the work that you accomplish. Second, we discussed some aspects of reviewing or evaluating services provided to the clients of your mental/behavioral health board; evaluation of programs, evaluation of facilities, and client satisfaction with services/programs. Board members came prepared with their questions about board membership and were ready for a great discussion.