Option 3: Collect MOQA data manually

Counties can collect MOQA data using manual collection tools. CIBHS will provide PDF and Survey Monkey versions of the data collection forms and a template for compiling collected data. Follow these steps to collect MOQA data manually:

  1. Complete the MOQA Data Collection survey, select option 3.
  2. Download the PDF data collection forms from the Threshold Language Resources or access the correct Survey Monkey survey for the data you wish to collect.
    1. SDR Participant Survey:
    2. SPP Participant Survey:
    3. SDR Program Information: *Coming Soon*
    4. SPP Program Information: *Coming Soon*
  3. Enter the data into the PDF form or Survey Monkey survey.
  4. Download the data export template(s).
    1. SDR Participant Survey Data: MOQA SDR Participant Survey Data
    2. SPP Participant Survey Data: MOQA SPP Participant Survey Data
    3. SDR/SPP Program Data: *Coming Soon* 
  5. Transcribe data from paper forms into the data export template. Data entered into Survey Monkey will automatically transfer into the data export template; CIBHS will provide each county with an extract of all data collected via Survey Monkey for their county at the end of the pilot period.