Our Vision, Purpose and Policies

Our Vision

CIBHS envisions a future in which California is the national leader in the provision of mental health and substance use disorder services and support systems that successfully advance hope, wellness, resiliency, recovery and full community integration for all adults, children and families across their life spans.

In this future, mental health and substance use disorder wellness, resiliency and recovery are fully understood by the general public; thus communities and mental health systems partner to promote and support opportunities for people at risk of mental health and substance use disorder issues to achieve wellness and/or full recovery.  Proven practices, opportunities, and technologies are used to prevent and/or reduce the impacts of mental illness and addiction and to promote the health of individuals and families.  

CIBHS envisions a future in which consumer and family choice, clinician expertise and empirical and practice-based evidence drive services to assure quality care leading to positive outcomes.  

In this future, diverse approaches to scientific investigation are valued, including practice-based evidence and cultural accommodations or adaptations. CIBHS provides leadership and support to behavioral health systems and their partners in creating positive outcomes for all ethnic, linguistic, cultural communities, and other un-served or underserved populations. This means that CIBHS will work with counties, state, and national organizations, academic/research organizations and foundations to document, address, reduce or eliminate disparities. These efforts shall focus on the particular strengths of CIBHS in translating (and bridging the gap between) research and implementation in local systems of care as well as supporting the development and study of effective practices.

CIBHS envisions a future that eliminates the stigma and discrimination associated with behavioral health care.  Effective initiatives speak not only to the stigma and discrimination people with psychiatric and addition disabilities experience, but also to the very particular needs and experiences of distinct populations, including ethnic, racial, rural, and cultural populations, as well as sexual orientation and gender identification.

CIBHS’s vision is of a community-based behavioral health system that is continuously improving, where staff development is ongoing, where innovation is welcomed, and consumers and family members and their needs are central to all decisions.

Our Purpose

The purpose of CIBHS is to promote wellness and positive mental health and substance use disorder outcomes through improvements in California’s health systems.

Our Policies

The spirit of collaboration is reflected in CIBHS policies

These policies include a multi-stakeholder planning process for projects, activities and events. CIBHS policies support consumer and family member participation as stakeholders:

  • Consumers, families, providers and policymakers must work in partnership to assure that services enhance each individual’s integrity and dignity.
  • Healthy communities are measured by the extent to which persons with psychiatric disabilities can lead meaningful lives free of stigma and discrimination.
  • Mental health systems must be culturally and linguistically competent in order to be effective.
  • All people, regardless of resources, must have access to necessary mental health services.
  • Mental health systems must be organizations in which people are valued and safe, eager to work and which funders are proud to support.
  • Excellence in mental health services is grounded in capacity building and support to local systems and their partners.
  • Collaboration of the mental health system with the community and with other human services is essential to the resilience, recovery and wellness of adults and children with mental illness and emotional disturbance.
  • Mental health systems must be accountable and cost effective and must achieve positive outcomes.