Presenter Biography/CV

Victor Kogler, Vice President

Mr. Kogler has worked in the substance use disorder field in California since 1971. He served as Alcohol and Drug Program Administrator of Santa Barbara County for twenty years and is a past president of the County Alcohol and Drug Programs Administrators Association of California.

Mr. Kogler had been the Executive Director of the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy Institute (ADPI) for 8 years prior to the merger of that organization with the California Institute for Mental Health which created CIBHS.

After leaving county service and prior to taking the helm at ADPI he has consulted with counties large and small on such issues as system of care management and design, provider contracting, Medi‐Cal financing for youth and adult treatment, information systems, and quality management processes.

Will Rhett‐Mariscal, PhD, Director

Will has been leading training, technical assistance, and capacity building projects for county staff and providers at CIBHS for over 10 years. Some time prior to working at CIBHS, Will gained experience in the substance use field as a counselor at a youth drug court treatment program in Santa Barbara County. While at CIBHS, he has facilitated training and implementation support for counties and providers in evidence‐based practices that target youth with mental health and substance use disorders, including Multidimensional Family Treatment (MDFT), a practice with strong research evidence demonstrating positive outcomes reducing substance abuse.

He has also supported the rollout of ASAM training across the state. Will has been the Project Director for two learning collaboratives focused on care coordination and is part of the team providing a waiver‐focused learning collaborative in Los Angeles County.

Amy McIlvaine, Associate Director

Amy McIlvaine has nearly 25 years of leadership and management experience. Her primary areas of expertise include innovation design, change management, process improvement and business operations. At CIBHS, she is the project manager for the Los Angeles County’s Substance Use Disorder Organized Delivery System project. The current focus of the project is to provide training geared towards helping providers successfully implement the changes required by the Drug Medi‐Cal waiver.

Amy has consulted and trained in and with local, state and national regulatory agencies, managed care organizations, as well as healthcare providers around the country.


Jan TiceJan has worked in the SUD field since 1985. He has been executive director of large SUD treatment providers and, more recently, a senior administrative analyst for the Santa Cruz County Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs. He has been a trainer and consultant for CIBHS since 2011.

Rod Libbey

Rod has worked in the SUD field since 1982. He was alcohol and drug program administrator for Contra Costa County and served as executive director of Walden House and Janus of Santa Cruz.

Andrea Jones

Andrea is an accounting professional with over 15 years experience. Her areas of expertise include general accounting and financial reporting; budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis; audit, internal compliance testing, process improvement, general accounting and financial reporting; budgeting, forecasting and financial analysis and nonprofit accounting and finance.

Carolyn Castro‐Donlan

Carolyn has worked in the public health and SUD fields for over 20 years. She was deputy director for substance abuse services in the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and established the Office of Youth and Young Adult Services within that department. She was Principal and Deputy Project Director, Division of Services Improvement, Clinical Technical Assistance, JBS International, Inc. and, since 2008, a consultant for the NIATx/Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies, National Program Office at the University of Wisconsin‐Madison.

Janet L. Bardossi

Janet has worked in the behavioral health field since 1989 and has managed large behavioral healthcare organizations in the state of Oregon. Since 2003, she has been consulting with behavioral health organizations and systems on topics including in program and workforce development, evidence-based practice implementation, policy and procedures, training programs, and fiscal management strategies.

Mat Roosa

Mathew Roosa, is a consultant, trainer, and coach, providing organizational and systems level support for program development, quality improvement, and strategic planning in behavioral and healthcare environments. He is also Director of Planning and Quality Improvement for the Onondaga County Department of Adult and Long-Term Services, providing support to mental health, substance use, Corrections, Ageing, and other service systems.