A Roundtable on the Role of Race and Ethnicity on Individuals Who Were Formerly Incarcerated

WHEN: February 28, 2014, Sacramento, CA

A disproportionate number of racial and ethnic minorities are incarcerated in the U.S. today. Persons of color account for 60 percent of those imprisoned while they make up only 30 percent of the U.S. population.

The goal of this Roundtable is to raise awareness and understanding about the problem and stimulate a productive dialogue about should be done. This Roundtable brings together national experts on structural and systemic disparities, racial identity theory, and community-defined practices in mental health and addiction treatment that incorporate culture and spiritual recovery. Topics that will be discussed include: the unique set of experiences ethnic minority persons bring into treatment, how racism affects persons of color throughout their lives, what are some ways people deal with racism, the worldviews of providers and how this may play out in the therapeutic relationship and service delivery.

Click here to view all four components of the roundtable on the CIBHS YouTube Channel:

  • AB 109 – Incarceration and Racial Inequality in the US
  • AB 109 – Racial Identity Development and Assessing the Emotional Impact of Racism
  • AB 109 – Community-Defined Practices in Mental Health and Addiction Treatment
  • AB 109 – Roundtable Discussion