Rural Supportive Housing Training Workshop


Through the Rural Supportive Housing Initiative, and partnering with Collaborative Solutions, Inc., CIBHS offered a one-day training that addressed landlord engagement and eviction prevention to help vulnerable clients find and keep safe, stable and affordable homes in California.

Using a national HUD grant awarded to Collaborative Solutions, Inc., the Rural Supportive Housing Initiative works with housing developers, service providers, municipalities, and state agencies throughout the U.S. in an effort to increase permanent supportive housing for vulnerable populations, including those living with serious mental illness, substance use disorders, and those experiencing homelessness. Vulnerable populations often face housing instability. Stabilizing the household through a safe, decent, and affordable home, allows that household to thrive with positive health outcomes, gainful employment, economic security, and overall greater well-being.

Workshop Topic

Engaged and Informed: The Keys to Successful Landlord Engagement and Eviction Prevention in Rural Communities: Affordable housing is getting harder to secure for vulnerable clients. This workshop was tailored to organizations and individuals who are interacting with landlords, both making the sell and sustaining units when relationships are challenged. Participants practiced interactions with landlords, including presentations to landlord groups, to ensure messaging is strong, ingrained in the pitch, and framed effectively to get landlords to say yes and house your clients. Eviction prevention strategies were presented. This was an opportunity to come together to address the ongoing need for collaborative relationships with landlords and improve access to safe, stable, and affordable homes in rural communities.