Collaborative learning is made up of several primary components designed to increase providers’ understanding of new knowledge and then to be able to apply the new concepts and successfully implement it into their workflow. The primary components of the learning collaborative model are:

  1. Planning and Preparation,
  2. Learning Sessions,
  3. Provider field work and application and,
  4. Closeout session: Sustainability and Spread.



February – March 2018

Planning and Registration

Choose your team, register, and complete recommended preparatory activities.

March 19-20, 2018

Two‐day in-person training

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June 2018

Date TBD

Optional One-day training

Further, develop critical learning components and teach new skills.


April – August 2018

Provider Action Period and Follow up Coaching

During the months between the Kick‐off meeting and the closeout session, coaching will be provided to each provider site via teleconferencing.  These calls are scheduled as needed, (once per month)  to meet participant schedules.

September 2018

Date TBD

One-day close out training

Reinforce how to sustain the changes you have made and share ideas and change projects with peers.