Using Message Boards

Many CIBHS group sections include a message board.  This resource lets you ask questions of your fellow professionals and share your knowledge and ideas with others.

When you first enter a message board, you will see one or more groups, each one displaying the name of one or more forums. For each forum, you will also see the total number of threads (discussions), the total number of posts, and a link to the most recent post.

Starting a New Thread

  • Click the name of the forum in which you want to post your message. You will see the list of threads in that forum, listed in order of most recent activity.
  • Click the New Thread link and you will see the message editor, shown below.
  • Enter a subject line and the text of your message, and press the Submit link at the bottom of the page.

Getting Notification of Replies

  • When you create a new thread, you can request that any replies get sent to your e-mail address. Check the box marked Notification when creating your message.

Replying To a Message

  • To reply to a message, click the Quote or Reply links above the message. Click Quote, and your reply will contain the text of the original message.  Click Reply to reply without the quoted message.

Attaching a File To a Message

  • Some message boards will allow you to attach a file to your message.  In these cases, an Attachments section will appear within the editing page:
  • To attach a file, select the file location from the drop-down list. Next, click Upload New File. (If Upload New File does not appear, then you do not have permission to upload to the selected location. Please select another location.)
  • After you click Upload New File, a button marked Browse will appear. Click this button and select the file you wish to attach from your computer.
  • Once you have selected the file, click Upload Selected File.