Who should participate?

The ideal team will consist of three members: one person from each of the three areas listed below.*  Each team member should have the authority to make decisions. Having the three people participate in the “in-person” learning sessions is critical.  The learning sessions are designed to accelerate learning. A LEARN-DO-SHARE approach will be used, allowing each team an opportunity to learn new concepts, engage in activities to practice what they just learned, and develop an implementation plan for their agency. 

  1. Clinical Practice: Clinical Director or a Clinical Supervisor or Manager
  2. Finance: Chief Financial Officer, or Director/ Manager/Supervisor for accounting and billing functions
  3. Operations, Business, and Administration: Executive Director, Director of Operations or Agency Manager

*If your agency is small and/or you do not have dedicated staff in each of these areas, two people from the agency may participate, at a minimum. Participating staff should have an understanding and some authority in the areas listed above.

Space is limited! Once you enroll, we ask that you make every effort to attend learning sessions and participate in the coaching calls and fieldwork.  The effort will pay off!