Staff Profile

Amy Mcilvaine
Senior Associate

Amy McIlvaine, supervised by Victor Kogler, has nearly 25 years of leadership and management experience. Her primary areas of expertise include innovation design, change management, process improvement, and business operations. She is passionate about mentoring and training behavioral health teams to become innovative change leaders who are resilient, lead effective change teams and implement changes that result in improvements. 

Amy relocated to Los Angeles in October 2017. She is the project manager for the Los Angeles County’s Substance Use Disorder Organized Delivery System project. The current focus of the project is to prepare providers for the new payment system going into effect on July 1, 2017. Training is geared toward helping providers successfully complete the Drug Medi-Cal application, understanding how to project budgets and utilization, and enhancing clinical documentation using ASAM to reflect person-centered recovery treatment plans and medical necessity. After July, training will shift to meet ongoing provider needs to increase capacity and improve outcomes.

Prior to working for CIBHS Amy was the Director of Training and Education for NIATx (Network for the Improvement of Addiction Treatment) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Amy developed the nationally renowned NIATx Change Leader Academy designed to teach behavioral healthcare professionals how to lead teams through successful change in today’s turbulent behavioral health landscape. She has trained and mentored over 1,000 change leaders working in health and human services throughout the United States. In addition to teaching change management Amy was a project manager on several SAMHSA projects in the following areas: Integration with Primary Care, Leadership Development Skills, Process Improvement, Innovation and Design and Business Operations.

Amy has consulted and trained in and with local, state, and national regulatory agencies, managed care organizations, and healthcare providers around the country