Staff Profile

Elizabeth Stanley-Salazar, MPH
Project Manager

Ms. Stanley-Salazar has a distinguished and long career in the SUD field. As a Registered Nurse and Group Home Administrator with a Master’s in Public Health, she began her career in the substance abuse field at Behavioral Health Services in Torrance, California, as the Vice-President of Alcohol Services and Administrator of Redgate Memorial Hospital. She left BHS in 1987 to join the Monterey County Public Health Department as the County Alcohol and Drug Program Administrator. She was appointed as the Chief Deputy Director of the State Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs and worked in that capacity from 1990 through 1994. She then began her tenure of 20 years with Phoenix House of California serving in a variety of capacities.

In May of 2016, Ms. Stanley-Salazar became an Independent Contractor with CIBHS as the Project Manager for the CIBHS DMC-ODS Waiver Forum. Working with the support of the Blue Shield of California Foundation, the CIBHS DMC-ODS Waiver Forum created a collaborative think tank to support county behavioral health and substance use disorder leaders in the planning and implementation of the Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System (DMC-ODS). Working with the California Behavioral Health Directors Association (CBHDA) Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment (SAPT) Committee, the first forum was held in September 2016 and focused on the transition from the current county alcohol and drug services administration to a specialty managed care organization. In November 2016, a two-hour small group collaborative discussion on next steps was held at the SAPT Committee meeting. The CIBHS DMC-ODS training program has worked closely with the Build Shield of California Foundation CIBHS DMC-ODS Waiver Forum project. Additionally, as Manager of the Blue Shield Project, Ms. Stanley-Salazar worked with the waiver training project to plan and moderate a Webinar for Selective Contracting in 2016. She also moderated a webinar early this year on Confidentiality and Release of Information. The collaboration of the CIBHS DMC-ODS Training Project and the CIBHS DMC-ODS Waiver Forum strengthens the impact of the projects, fosters professional collaboration, and gathers perspectives from various stakeholders. This project is creating an inventory of documents such as RFP’s, etc. She will continue planned group activities at the upcoming SAPT meeting in March 2017.