Staff Profile

Kim Waterman
Project Coordinator

Kim Waterman joined CIBHS in May 2016 as Project Coordinator of the statewide Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System (DMC-ODS) training project. She reports to Victor Kogler and Yvonne Frazier. At the DMC-ODS project’s inception, she was responsible for creating the infrastructure to organize the project, including establishing the event management database and communications plan to manage 94 trainings in the final two quarters of 2016. She works extensively with training contractors and county contacts across the state to coordinate and support DMC-ODS trainings. In addition to coordinating training events, she is responsible for drafting marketing material, reviewing curriculum, editing monthly and annual reports, and keeping the SUD field apprised of DMC-ODS training updates. She maintains the CIBHS DMC-ODS waiver training project training list, which is the control document for all approved trainings statewide. Prior to joining CIBHS, Kim worked at the County of Sacramento, providing employment services and coaching to recipients of CalWORKS.

(916) 379-5348