HIPAA Overview Course (2-part class) Webinar

HIPAA Overview Course (2-part class) Webinar

This course is configured for the executive, manager or program director level at county agencies. The focus of the class will be a high level overview of HIPAA and HITECH, including California information, the importance of organizational readiness, and implications of not complying with the federal regulations, 42 CFR Part 2, policy and procedures, staff training and how to respond to HIPAA breaches. Target Audience—Agency Executive Leadership, Managers, Program Directors and IT staff as a pre-requisite for the HIPAA Technical class

HIPAA Technical Class for IT Workforce This course is configured for the technical workforce at county agencies with a focus on the HIPAA Security and Technical Regulations, security responsibilities, encryption and compliance with regulations. You must watch the Executive Overview before viewing this course. Target Audience—This course is for IT professionals.

Below you can view the webinar or download the presentations for each course. Also available are questions/answers from the original webinar that provide additional resources that may be helpful.