CIBHS helps organizations use data to gain meaningful insights to improve health equity and recovery-oriented outcomes for people receiving behavioral health services. We customize our high-impact evaluation services to meet an organization’s needs, strengths, timelines, and budgets.

Program Evaluation

CIBHS collaboratively designs and conducts data-driven evaluation of the effectiveness of an organization’s programs and services, within their timeline and budget parameters. CIBHS evaluates performance on process measures, behavioral health outcomes and equity, and offers guidance and quality improvement recommendations.

Evaluation Consultation/Technical Assistance

CIBHS consults with organizations implementing performance monitoring to identify measures that align with their demographics, organizational goals, and objectives. Additionally, we offer technical assistance in designing and conducting on-the-ground procedures to collect, analyze, and report on data to track performance outcomes.

Evaluation of MHSA Innovation Projects

CIBHS partners with California counties that are implementing MHSA Innovation projects to determine whether a novel idea or approach contributes to the behavioral health system in a sustainable way. The CIBHS Evaluation Team uses a flexible approach that allows adaptation to changes that are inherent in innovation and data-driven decision making.

Using Data to Measure Equity

CIBHS helps organizations collect and analyze disaggregated data to track progress toward achieving health equity for constituents. Data disaggregation helps in identifying and addressing disparities in race, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, geography, and socioeconomic status. We offer language translation as needed.

Data Collection, Processing, and Analysis

CIBHS offers expertise in data collection, processing, and analysis to help behavioral health organizations access clean, high-quality data for measurement of progress toward meeting objectives. We furnish toolkits, procedures, job aids, and hands-on technical assistance to help organizations build and maintain sustainable data practices.