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e-Learning On Demand

Missed one of our past offerings? CIBHS provides behavioral health courses that you can take at your own pace.

Eliminating Inequities in Behavioral Health Care

August 2020 | YouTube Course

Are you inclined to learn educational strategies to decrease, and ultimately, eliminate racial disparities in access, quality, and outcomes of behavioral health treatment? The aim of this webinar series is to increase participants’ knowledge about the interplay between structural racism, behavioral health institutional racism, implicit bias, and behavioral health disparities. 

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Criminal Justice Related Documentation for Treatment Planning

July 2020 | eLearning Course

The module reviews the latest research findings on effective correctional interventions, examines strategies to identify and address criminogenic needs, and identifies critical behavioral health treatment plan information for the court.

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Criminal Justice Related Data Sharing

June 2020 | eLearning Module

This module will offer effective strategies to share information between the behavioral health and criminal justice systems. It also presents strategies to address barriers and implement effective data-sharing initiatives.

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Minimizing Disruptions in Care Through the Use of Behavioral Telehealth

April 2020 | YouTube Course

Do you need to modify your clinical practice to offer excellent behavioral telehealth services? This webinar series will teach you practical skills so you can effectively engage using telehealth and work with diverse clients, such as children and families, individuals with substance use disorders, and those experiencing trauma.

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